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Seventeen yrs ago I was given a book on how to make cold process soap and it was love at fist site. There was a lot of trial and error back then, but as I developed my own recipes with essential oil blends and botanicals I began to see a recurrent theme in what I was creating.
Over and over I was using natural elements from my surroundings, things that were familiar to me. Cedar, Fir and Spruce , hallmarks of a coastal forest. Lakeside finds like Wild Rose, Currants and Mint. Lavender and Calendula, staples from my garden. Everything had the echo of home, Vancouver Island.
Eventually my product line expanded beyond soaps to include Soy Candles & Bubble Salts and the influence of the Island has remained prevalent throughout. Many of the names and scents of the products are special to me as they were inspired by our adventures growing up here, and now raising our boys, on this incredible Island.