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Welcome to Rosco Emmit

The Beginning

Hi, I'm Kerry and I launched Rosco Emmit Body & Home in 2018. It's a family business named after our two boys' middle names. I made my first batch of soap in 2005 after receiving a soap making book for a birthday gift. My aim wasn't to cure anything; I just wanted to learn how to create the beautiful natural soaps in the book. Those first few batches weren't great, but I was hooked. In time, I developed my skills as a soap maker and started selling my soaps in our home decor Store. Later, I expanded our selection to include Bubble Salts and Soy Candles.

Natural Products

My goal has always been to make natural products that are nourishing for your skin, look great and smell amazing. I've worked hard to master my craft and create my own recipes with simple, sustainable and ethical ingredients. Just because a product is natural though, doesn't mean it has to be boring. I like to incorporate moisturizing oils & butters in our products along with, natural clays for colour, and coffee grounds or botanicals for texture. Some of our products are scented with pure essential oils and some of our products are scented with high quality skin safe fragrance oils. Our essential oil soaps are ~99% natural and our soaps scented with fragrance are ~96% natural. We are Leaping Bunny Certified to let you know we do not buy ingredients from suppliers that support animal testing and all of our products are free from: Parabens, Phthalates and Sulfates.

Vancouver Island

My husband and I were both raised on Vancouver Island and are now raising our boys here. We love hiking and camping so it was a natural choice to create products inspired by some of our favourite locations like Sombrio Beach, the blueberry trail to Della Falls, Carmanah, and the sand dunes at Cape Scott. This Island inspiration led to our product line being infused with forest aromas like Cedar, Fir & Spruce, as well as the scents of foraging essentials like Wild Mint, Blackberries & Nootka Rose. We hope our products will evoke fond memories of your own adventures and inspire others to go out and explore all that this incredible Island has to offer.